I’m looking at gathering hosts from other spidey shows to do a big jam episode of cross promotion. Build the Spidey Comic Podcasting community. Put your favorite shows in the comments!

Spectacular Radio is a great work. Not perfect, but I’m proud of what we accomplished.
It’s ending in a couple of weeks.
As we say goodbye, we’d like your feedback. Tell us what you loved about Spectacular.
We’ll say/play it on ep. 52

SPIDEYDUDE EXPERIENCE EPISODE 17: Q&A and the Future. With @quivsniv @spideydude @enchiladalegs @hermann22 https://www.pscp.tv/w/cw7s4TFwempNZ2JEeU5KUWR8MU1ueG5sYXZaanlHT0mwEYWYZbF1HLq_lasTTAssHHas249E59NrNonpHFWc

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