Hello, it’s me. I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to listen as we go over everything in a Spidey comic. They say that time’s supposed to heal ya, but I ain’t– Waaaait a minute! This isn’t an Adele song! It’s a brand new episode of Amazing Spider-Man Classics, that’s what it is! What?! You mean you unsubscribed??? What a fool! …er, I mean, that’s probably understandable cuz it’s been a while. But the show is
Welcome back for the last time to Spectacular Radio.Greg, Zach, and Gerard are joined by Joshua Lapin-Bertone and Donovan Morgan Grant to bring this podcast to a close. The crew discusses a variety of topics:-#SaveSpectacularSpiderMan hashtag-voicemails-the series finale, “Final Curtain”-what the series meant to them-to the announcement of a new podcast!-SO much more, including some surprisesMany things are said in this bittersweet installment that brings our seven-year journey to an end… unless the gang gets canceled

Review: Amazing Spider-Man #63

Posted by BRBrian on  04/09/2021
“Ha ha. No.“ Amazing Spider-Man vol. 5 #63 April 7, 2021 Written by: Nick Spencer Art by: Federico Vicentini Recap Norman Osborn is monologuing to the ice-cubed Kindred about how sorry he is (even though no one else had long-term changes coming from the Sin Eater thing). It pulls back to reveal that Kingpin is watching this scene and inviting Baron Mordo to work magic on KIndred. (Has Mordo ever succeeded at any magical task?

Review: Amazing Spider-Man #62

Posted by BRBrian on  03/31/2021
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“[I]t’s a Deadpool line“ Amazing Spider-Man vol. 5 #62 March 24, 2021 Written by: Nick Spencer Art by: Patrick Gleason Recap We start on the cover and it turns out Spider-Man’s new suit is not Ricochet colors; it’s Boomerang colors. Spider-Man is racing to save Gog from a certain death. Bullseye takes the shot and it turns out he was shooting the collar that ensmollens Gog. Gog gets big and starts doing a King Kong
“[I]t’s obviously a trap.” Amazing Spider-Man vol. 5 #61 March 10, 2021 Written by: Nick Spencer Art by: Patrick Gleason Recap So we start with a close up on <strike>the Joker’s</strike> Kindred’s black-blood stained mouth. And then we get a splash page of Spider-Man disrupting a Shocker/Speed Demon/Hydro Man robbery with a promise that the book won’t be so gritty for the next arc or so. We cut to a meeting between Kingpin and gang