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Zach and his father started the website back in 1998. It was devoted to your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, and his world. Starting in 2009, a podcast called Clone Saga Chronciles was started, and began a entire network of Podcasts: Spectacular Radio, Make Mine Mayday, Spideydude Expereince, Amazing Spider-Man Classics, and coming soon: More shows!


Zach started collecting comics back in 1996. Some of his co-hosts have been collecting longer! Combined all the main hosts have 150 years of collective comic expereince!


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https://media.blubrry.com/clonesagachronicles/p/www.spidey-dude.com/Podcast-Network/Clone-Saga-Chronciles/Episode-26-The-Lost-Years.mp3Podcast (clone-saga-chronicles): Play in new window | Download
In this episode, Zach, Gerard and Josh tackle Scarlet Spider issues 6,7,8,9. Highlights include a discussion of why Ana Kraven may or may not make sense, The plot of the Texas Ranger arc, and Gerard Finds out that Soda Wars exist in the Marvel Universe. https://media.blubrry.com/clonesagachronicles/p/www.spidey-dude.com/Podcast-Network/Clone-Saga-Chronciles/Episode-25-Scarlet-Spider-6-9.mp3Podcast (clone-saga-chronicles): Play in new window | Download

CSC Episode 24: The Greatest Responsibility (Oct 1995)

Posted by Zach Joiner on  12/20/2012
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The gang of CloneHeads (Don, Gerard, Zach and Bertone) are back in a new episode talking about the final story that featured Peter Parker as the star of the Spider-Man titles before Ben Reilly would headline the books from that point onward. (Scarlet Spider replaced Spider-Man for two months… Before putting Ben Reilly as Spider-Man two months later)Merry Christmas folks, a little early… from the CLONE HEADS.Issues Covered in this episode:Amazing Spider-Man 406Spider-Man 63Spectacular Spider-Man
In this episode, the gang of Zach, Gerard, Don and Josh cover issues 3-5 of the 2012 Scarlet Spider series. To link to the XML RSS feed click this link, To subscribe on iTunes click this link, and email us your thoughts or leave a voicemail at (818) 925-6631. https://media.blubrry.com/clonesagachronicles/p/www.spidey-dude.com/Podcast-Network/Clone-Saga-Chronciles/Episode-23-Scarlet-Spider-3-5.mp3Podcast (clone-saga-chronicles): Play in new window | Download
TICK TICK TICK… Peter’s Strange behavior comes to a head. Join Zach, Josh, Don, and Gerard as the Clone-Heads wade through the “epic” storyline! New Warriors show up! Mary Jane is hunted down! Kaine’s vision of the future is now! Will Mary Jane survive? Well, judging from that cover…Issues Covered in this Episode:Spectacular Spider-Man 228Web of Spider-Man 129 https://media.blubrry.com/clonesagachronicles/p/www.spidey-dude.com/Podcast-Network/Clone-Saga-Chronciles/Episode-22-Time-Bomb.mp3Podcast (clone-saga-chronicles): Play in new window | Download