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Zach and his father started the website back in 1998. It was devoted to your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, and his world. Starting in 2009, a podcast called Clone Saga Chronciles was started, and began a entire network of Podcasts: Spectacular Radio, Make Mine Mayday, Spideydude Expereince, Amazing Spider-Man Classics, and coming soon: More shows!


Zach started collecting comics back in 1996. Some of his co-hosts have been collecting longer! Combined all the main hosts have 150 years of collective comic expereince!


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PENULTIMATE FAN-PANEL! Greg, Zach, and Gerard have a heavy and healthy discussion about this one. Differing opinions across the board as the trio discuss subjective opinions, personal taste, and genuine execution. Discussions include a debate on the Vault Prison, and how Zach’s Experiences as a correctional officer differ or are the same as depicted, a lively debate on the subject of Shakespeare and how it’s used as a framing device in this episode of the

REVIEW: Amazing Spider-Man #56

Posted by BRBrian on  01/07/2021
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“[T]his feels like a season premiere of a good television show.” Amazing Spider-Man vol. 5 #56 January 6, 2021 Written by: Nick Spencer Art by: Mark Bagley Recap We start with a flashback in which Norman Osborn agrees to help Mayor Fisk capture Kindred and Mayor Fisk admits to dabbling in the Darkforce Dimension. We then flash somewhat forward to see that Fisk has rigged the Spot to imprison Kindred in a darkforce cube (well,
It’s The Spectacular Shakespeare Podcast! Greg, Greg Weisman, and Jennifer L. Anderson discuss their fondness for the Bard’s work, favorite plays, and how “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” was integrated into the penultimate episode. Following that, they discuss elevating Walter Hardy to a much more influential figure in Spidey’s life, and their own experiences on stage.https://media.blubrry.com/clonesagachronicles/p/www.spidey-dude.com/Podcast-Network/Spectacular-Radio/Spec49-Greg-Weisman-Jennifer-L-Anderson.mp3Podcast (spectacular-radio): Play in new window | Download
After 10 years, we are winding down the show. Back in 2010, Zach guest appeared on the 104th episode of Michael Bailey’s Views From the Longbox to discuss the Clone Saga. Zach always wanted to bring him onto the show, but never felt that it was the right way to do so. However, after going through the list of appearances of Ben Reilly, there was one story that he had never covered: Marvel Vs. DC.
Greg, Zach, and Gerard discuss what they have been up to throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and then power on through with the first episode of the Drama Arc. https://media.blubrry.com/clonesagachronicles/p/www.spidey-dude.com/Podcast-Network/Spectacular-Radio/Spec48.mp3Podcast (spectacular-radio): Play in new window | Download