CSC Episode 8: Smoke & Mirrors/Players & Pawns (Cover Date: Feb/Mar 1995)

Episode VIII: Smoke & Mirrors/Players & Pawns
In this Episode: Zach, Bertone, Gerard & Brandon return to tackle the Return of the Jackal. We also apologize in advance for…. the Miley Cyrus jokes. And death to teddy bears jokes.
Jackal lies to our faces, we get precursors to Kaine (the Guardian) and Jackal (Little Jack), Gwen Stacy clones show up and melt. Peter and Ben are just as confused as we are.
Web of Spider-Man 122+ (Smoke & Mirrors Part 1)
Amazing Spider-Man 399+ (Smoke & Mirrors Part 2)
Spider-Man 56+ (Smoke & Mirrors Part 3)
Spectacular Spider-Man 222* (Players and Pawns Part 1)
Web of Spider-Man 123* (Players and Pawns Part 2)

+Collected in Complete Clone Saga Epic Book 2
*Collected in Complete Clone Saga Epic Book 3
These were released from January 3 1995-February 7, 1995, covered dated March and April 1995.

Original PodOMatic Description: “Clone Saga Chronicles is back and so is the Jackal and Brandon!”

Re-Release: Feb 20, 2011

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