CSC Episode 18: A Chat with Kevin Cushing

After the epic Maximum Cloneage Saga, Zach takes a break to talk to a dear friend of the website and its founder, Kevin Cushing ambitiously wrote a webcomic whose title was based off the website that hosted it, Spider-Man: Crawl Space. In the 12th issue of the title, Cushing re-introduced Ben Reilly as the Scarlet Spider. In this interview, Zach and Kevin talk of the origins of the title and discuss the Clone Saga in general. 

Original Release Date: March 1, 2012

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“Zach Joiner and Kevin Cushing have a nice chat about Kevin’s “Spider-Man Crawlspace” webcomic, the Clone Saga and podcasting in general.

Fans of the Clone Saga will love the insight and discussion these two have.

Fans of Kevin’s web-series will enjoy hearing him describe his craft.Fans of the Crawlspace podcast will love the behind the scenes tidbits they give about their perspective podcast.And haters are gonna hate! Enjoy!”

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