CSC Episode 12: The Holodisk Month (Cover date: June 1995)

Pogs. Holographic Foil. You think of 90s gimmicks, they tried. And in the summer of 95, they brought you two books with special holograhic disks and were hard to see. The intent was there, but the execution was… off. Witness the awesome power of Judas Traveller, Miles Warren’s fantasy land, Gwen Clone’s return, a New Green Goblin, Bridges, and most important, Homeless bums.

Issues Covered in this Episode:
Web of Spider-Man 125
Amazing Spider-Man 402
Spider-Man 59
Spectacular 225

The double sized X25th issues of Web & Spec bookend the month with a two part Judas “I escaped a metal band” Traveller to be the meat of the sandwich. Zach, Bertone, Gerard, Jason, & Don are joined by BrandonDP once again.

Re-Release: Feb 24,2012

Original PodOmatic Text: “Gwen clones marry Warren clones! Green Goblins are good! Homeless people are on fire! What more do you want?”

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