ASM Classics Episode 36: ASM #48 & Daredevil #27

Welcome to a double-dipping of Spidey goodness.  First, the gang heads over to Daredevil 27 to see the Hornhead and the Webhead team-up against the Masked Marauder, who has decreed, “Mike Murdock Must Die!”  Next, Spider-Man falls prey to Blackie Drago who attacks him “On the Wings of the Vulture!” in Amazing Spider-Man 48.  It’s a big party, as Karen Page, Mike Murdock, Gwen and MJ, Anna Watson and Aunt May, and of course Harry Osborn all join in for this episode of Amazing Spider-Man Classics!

There are some emails read this time around, so if you would like to have your opinion read on the show regarding the books or our comments on them, drop us a line, and we’ll be happy to do it.

NOTE: This was the final Episode of the show’s Original run.

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