ASM Classics Episode 25: Daredevil 16 & Amazing Spider-Man 37

Hello there from all the gang here at Amazing Spider-Man Classics!  This episode, we are back to begin taking a look at the transition from Steve Ditko to John Romita.  Romita had the joys of drawing Spider-Man for a two-part Daredevil story, the end of which happened to coincide with Steve Ditko quitting Amazing Spider-Man.  So in this episode, we are diving into the first part of that story, Daredevil 16, where Daredevil’s new foe, the Masked Marauder, incites some enmity between Hornhead and Webhead as part of his evil plot.  Then we switch over to Steve Ditko’s penultimate outing in Amazing Spider-Man 37, featuring the Robot Master and the first named, in-character appearance of Norman Osborn.

But we are not alone.  Joining us this time out is designer of the website you are viewing right now, and my brother, Jim Wilson.  He has supported me in this endeavor since its inception, and it was the least I could to have him on to talk some Spidey and Daredevil with us. 

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