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Zach and his father started the website back in 1998. It was devoted to your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, and his world. Starting in 2009, a podcast called Clone Saga Chronciles was started, and began a entire network of Podcasts: Spectacular Radio, Make Mine Mayday, Spideydude Expereince, Amazing Spider-Man Classics, and coming soon: More shows!


Zach started collecting comics back in 1996. Some of his co-hosts have been collecting longer! Combined all the main hosts have 150 years of collective comic expereince!


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Greg and Jennifer sit down with Greg Weisman to discuss the second episode of the series; moving the gargoyles to a new century and a new continent. The fallout of the Wyvern Massacre; Goliath’s suicide moment; the iconic castle in the clouds… the Eyrie Building; not to mention all sorts of other little tidbits like why the gargoyles glide instead of fly; and news like Kidrobot’s new Goliath plushie. Are we forgetting anything? No? Oh
Greg and Jennifer bring on series co-creator, Greg Weisman, to dive into the show’s premiere episode. The choice to set it in Scotland, and how they accidently didn’t contradict actual Scottish history; the terrific script written by Michael Reaves and how he was a savior for the series; the animation and sound design; contrasting Demona and Princess Katharine; and how a show on the Disney Afternoon’s opening episode featured genocide. But, most importantly, the three
In this episode, the crew tackle ASM 869, 870, 871 CHAMELEON CONSPIRACY 1 & SINISTER WAR 1. The road to the end begins here. Nick Spencer’s run begins its wind down. The chameleon conspiracy ends, and the sinister war begins its build. Join Zach, Neil, Paul, and Adam as they tackle the action figure news, discuss BEYOND, and more! https://media.blubrry.com/clonesagachronicles/p/www.spidey-dude.com/Podcast-Network/Spideydude-Experience/Spideydude-Experience-Episode-26.mp3Podcast (spidey-dude-experience): Play in new window | Download
Greg and Jennifer welcome back series co-creator, Greg Weisman and welcome, for the first time, series co-producer, Frank Paur. The group discusses Greg Weisman moving from development executive at Disney to producing the show with Frank Paur; Frank’s trip to Japan to finalize the look of the show with legendary animator, Kazuyoshi Takeuchi (Akira); bringing New York City to life; unveiling the show to the press, to focus groups, and ultimately to the general public.
Zach and Kelly are back talking about the next four issues of the series: – Pat returns! (So does J2!) – Doc Ock Vs. Mayday, round 3? – dryers don’t mix! – The Claw! – Normie is MARRIED?! All this AND MORE! https://media.blubrry.com/clonesagachronicles/p/www.spidey-dude.com/Podcast-Network/Make-Mine-Mayday/Make-Mine-Mayday-Episode-23.mp3Podcast (make-mine-mayday): Play in new window | Download