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Zach and his father started the website back in 1998. It was devoted to your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, and his world. Starting in 2009, a podcast called Clone Saga Chronciles was started, and began a entire network of Podcasts: Spectacular Radio, Make Mine Mayday, Spideydude Expereince, Amazing Spider-Man Classics, and coming soon: More shows!


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Welcome back to Amazing Spider-Man Classics for a truly classic issue of the Stan Lee/John Romita era.  We have Gwen, we have Mary Jane, we have Flash, Harry, and the ESU gang, we have Betty and Ned even though we’re not sure why, and we have Kraven the Hunter, now with 100% more LASER NIPPLES!!! And! As a special added treat, Josh and Don finally settle the question once and for all of Gwen and

REVIEW: Amazing Spider-Man #53

Posted by BRBrian on  01/20/2021
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“Well, Spider-Man is dead. “ Amazing Spider-Man vol. 5 #53 November 18, 2020 Written by: Nick Spencer Art by: Mark Bagley Recap Well, Spider-Man is dead.  So what happens now in Amazing Spider-Man? We see a blond woman sleeping and then we see Kindred standing over Peter Parker. Peter wakes up in his old house, the day of “the party” from Amazing Spider-Man #47 (and Deadpool #11).  Specifically, it is a party in honor of Flash
You’ve waited.  You’ve sweated.  You’ve sued for creator rights and fought over first place in line to see the movie!  Now, here it is, folks!  The next episode of Amazing Spider-Man Classics, yaaaaaayyyy!!! Today, ladies and gentlemen*, we are looking at one episode of Amazing Spider-Man.  We had planned for two, but one took long enough.  And actually, you may see more episodes in the future with only one issue covered.  I’m contemplating the ifs
It’s finally here! The final interview. The Final Curtain. Zach and Greg are rejoined by Greg Weisman and Victor Cook in their longest interview yet discuss in detail the final episode of the series, but also discuss the way the backgrounds tell the story of each home or office, how they kept the reveal to be as satisfying as it was, the difference between a cliffhanger and open-ended storytelling, and definitively… the reason there was

REVIEW: Amazing Spider-Man #57

Posted by BRBrian on  01/15/2021
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“[L]ike watching the bowling ball slowly roll back up.“ Amazing Spider-Man vol. 5 #57 January 13, 2021 Written by: Nick Spencer Art by: Mark Bagley Recap We open with Kingpin and Osborn hauling Kindred away. Kindred narrates that Spider-Man should enjoy the “happy ending.” Spider-Man and Mary Jane share a confusing reunion. The Order of the Web then asks him what happened. He said, “I don’t know.” Spider-Gwen tells them all he’s holding back but